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Cousins working together on our family owned farm with the aim of running a commercial modern farm producing high yielding, high standard crops while maximising wildlife diversity. Brian is said to be the farmer and conservationist, whereas Patrick is a conservationist and farmer. This mix has given a new direction for the farm, building upon the work that our fathers and grandfather has done to improve the overall success of the farm business. The farm has gone from strength to strength with the farm being recognised at a national level winning the coveted National FWAG’s Silver Lapwing Award for farming and conservation in 2009 and then Patrick and Brian were named Countryside Farmer of the Year by the Farmers Weekly in 2010.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring Oats and Grass seed Planting

A new age has arrived which will add a new dimension to our Blogging; we have bought a Cisco Flip mini camcorder which allows us to make high definition video and load them straight up on the blog with minimal trouble!
So here goes, my first attempt at Blog video editing; this short film shows our new grass seed harrow working in the field.

The grass seed establishment is slightly different to any other crop we grow as it is under sown into another crop, in our case spring oats. The spring oats are planted using our normal drill set up with the crawler and big drill first, but due to this machinery being very fuel thirsty and expensive to run we have invested in a new seeding unit that is much cheaper to run.
The seeding unit uses a metering wheel at the back which turns as the tractor moves forward; this indicates to the on board computer that seed is required to be released at a pre calibrated rate. A motor drives a variable speed motor which turns inside the seed unit that releases the seed at the correct rate down the pipes. A fan blows the seed out of the pipe as the tractor moves along which is broadcast over the full width of six metres onto the soil surface. The finger tines then just scratch the very top of the field and the seed is just mixed into the shallow part of the topsoil. So the oats are still nicely place slightly deeper and undisturbed. The whole field is then rolled to conserve the moisture left and allows good soil to seed contact that helps maintain good germination of both oats and grass.
The oats are seen as the main crop for the rest of the year and grow over the top of the grass and they are harvested in August. When they are harvested and the straw is cleared we are left with a young established grass sward in the stubble which becomes our main grass crop for the next two harvests. BWB    


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