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Cousins working together on our family owned farm with the aim of running a commercial modern farm producing high yielding, high standard crops while maximising wildlife diversity. Brian is said to be the farmer and conservationist, whereas Patrick is a conservationist and farmer. This mix has given a new direction for the farm, building upon the work that our fathers and grandfather has done to improve the overall success of the farm business. The farm has gone from strength to strength with the farm being recognised at a national level winning the coveted National FWAG’s Silver Lapwing Award for farming and conservation in 2009 and then Patrick and Brian were named Countryside Farmer of the Year by the Farmers Weekly in 2010.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Short Eared Owl Alert!!!

Dear All Westhorpe Residents,

Over the weekend we have had a couple of sightings of a Short Eared Owl around the fields to the north of the village around our grassland. We have been trying to track it down for a photo record (Picture above raided from Google I'm afraid) if you see it please can you let us know, it may have moved on as it will be on migration but hopefully it will be about for a few days. They are a large sized owl in flight and can be seen hunting over rough grass in daylight.

Eyes peeled please!!

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